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Car Magazines

Car Magazines :

Some of my cars have bin in Danish Car Magazines  VMAX & VW Magazine

Yes right , I also had VW cars before my Audi Collection ; )


My Custom-built RS6, got a little world publicity when the German tuning firm used my car as advertising.

They were very busy at that time, and would publish new advertisements, so they contacted a translator to translate their German tuning advertisement .

But it was too literally translated (it was called in German Audi RS6 "WEISS LEISTUNG" and it was "comical" enough translated to "WHITE POWER" so it got a little attention world wide due to a German company with tuning motto white power that relate to rasist expression.

His Tuning company´s website crashed due to overloading and there are 2.1 million hits on google for this:)

LOL, what a joke !  

 "white power" or "black power" or "rainbow power"! Relax It's a car! 😉 😉